[FANFICS] Someone I Admire


Kim Ki Bum, Song Hyun Ki (Fictional Character), SHINee’s member, OCs


Key, member of SHINee, fashionista and almost-always-become-sarcastically-and-nagging

he met a new designer of clothes for shinee members. first, he admiring all clothes this girl make.

but lately he sure admiring all things in this girl.

will it be a good news for him or not after they both talking each other? just read it 🙂


I’m back 🙂

well, this is another oneshot from me.

this story inspiring me when I’m on english class, we read a story with titile Someone I Admire.

and me and Nisa then think to make the title become a ff 🙂

enjoy it :))) happy reading and dont forget to leave comments 🙂

Well~ today, me and all of my boybands’ member will held a meeting with our new designer. Thanks God she’s a girl.

So, my latest designer was a boy. But he’s totally gay. Yeah as you may know, all of my boybands’ member doesn’t like it. He is always looking for opportunites. Sometimes he try to touch our bodies and give us rag words. Lately, he try to kiss uri magnae, Taemin! Oh darn when my manager knew it, he fired that guy.

Then my manager looking for new designer. Yeah finally he hired a girl that just graduated from University in Milan. Happy to hear that, no need to be in a fight with onew hyung when he try to mixed and matched his outfit.

“Yah! You, come here! Bring all your member to the meeting room right now.” Manager Kim call me when my foot stepped on SM building. I make my way closer to Jonghyun and Onew hyung and grabbed their hands to enter SM building as Minho and Taemin follow us.

“Yah, ppali! Ppali! The girl already waiting for an hour for all of you to come! Its just waiting her time!” Manager Kim yelled to us. Hey, who is she so we have to reached the SM building before she come? Is he that special? She’s just a girl that just graduated from university abroad. Nothing special right? I have more experiences to mixed and match the clothes than she.

“Anyeong! Choneun Song Hyun Ki imnida.” She smiled to all of us. When our eyes met, I forced a smile. Yeah let’s see how’s her ability to design a nice outfit for us. Is she better then me?

“So, this is what I already designed to all of you. Me and Manager Kim already agreed that this is the outfit that you gonna use this Friday in music bank. This is Onew-ssi’s outfit…” she showed us a picture through the LCD projector. Well, I’m bit impressed. Black skinny pants he mixed up with black-grey shirt and dark grey jacket. Simple but the mixed of the colour is nice.

Well, as I already said, I just bit impressed. Yeah then she measure the size of onew hyung’s body. She’s so polite to everyone. Hey should I call her noona? If she said she already graduated from the university, it means she is twenty something, right? At least 22 or something.

Yeah then she showed us jonghyun’s outfit. Yeah i must say she’s briliant. Jonghyun actually an easy-going person and I think this outfit so damn match with him. Low-necked grey shirt with black colar and black skinny pants she mixed with something like grey blazer or long coat. After that, she measure the size of Jonghyun’s body. Well, it’ll be a bit problem with his arm. You know how big is Jonghyun’s muscle. But… hey! She doesnt have any problem with it?

This is my turn. I prepared myself to see what she make to me. wait! What is it? She make me a shirt that just lika a… bat dress for woman? Hey! Its nice. Know what? It looks like a too-big-shirt. The collar is so damn big make an impression that I wear too big shirt. The right arm is ¾ of the length of my hands and the left arm is like a sleeveless shirt. She mixed that damn nice shirt with black jeans with a little white in the middle of the jeans. Now, I admiring what she make!

“may I take your size of body, Kibum-ssi?” she politely ask. Make me a bit shock. Yeah just now, I was too concentrate to the picture and not caring for people surround me.

“Ne. Of course, noona.” I said it when she shook her head. What is it?

“No need to call me noona. I’m in the same age as you.” She said with a smile.

“Mwo? But.. but how could you finished your studied abroad in age of 19?” I asked to her, show my shock-ness.

“well, I skipped one year in primary, one year in junior high and one year in senior high. And I finished my studied abroad in 4 years, so.. here I am.” She smiled to me as she finished measuring my body’s size.


Well, I must say thanks to Hyun Ki. She made me an awesome outfits! It makes me comfortable yet confident when I performed our new song in today’s music bank. Haha I admiring how she works. Only 3 days after we held the meeting, she already finished all of the 5 outfits. She’s a hardworker and I like it.

Now, we held another meeting for our tomorrow’s performances in SBS. Well, i predict that she already make the outfits.

“YA! KEY! Dont you doing too much daydreaming. That isnt too health!” he make me back to the earth after thinking so much about girl I met twice, a few days ago. Everyone laugh at my shock expression

“Anyeong. Mianhae there’s traffic jam so i got late here.” Suddenly Hyun Ki came and greet all of us.

“It’s oke, Hyun Ki noona. We’ll always waiting for you. Just make yourself custom with Seoul’s condition. It’s way different then Milan.” Taemin said and give her a cute smile.

“Ne. Gomawo Taemin-ssi for your advice. Once again, I’m sorry for late. So..” She’s already smile again. Hey is she that easy to change her mood? “I already make outfits for all of you for tommorow show. If something uncomfortable so you can tell me. I’ll fixed it now.” She letting out all of clothes in her big suitcase. I’m totally impressed. She’s cute when she’s sweating and look so busy. Now everyone talk with her and asking something about their clothes. I just keep quiet and staring at her. She has a cute eyes.

“Ya! Kibum-ah~ go check your outfits. I’ve told you dont doing too much daydreaming. It isn’t health! Now go check your outfits. You are the one that always complained about your fashion.” Manager Kim nag to me. Aish~

“I.. will always trust everything that Hyun Ki-ssi gave to me..” I showed her a bright smile and wink to her. HEY WHERE’S THE HELL I GOT AN ABILITY TO BECOME A PLAYER? Is it because I’m too much chat with Jonghyun?

“Gam..Gamsahamnida, Kibum-ssi” she smiled to me. an awkward smile. Then when I’m on my way back to my chair after grab my outfits, Jonghyun tap to my shoulder.

“Ya! Kibum-ah! I dont know that you’re a player too. Hahahaha!” he wishpered to me, but I’m sure everyone in this room could hear it. HELL YOU JJONGIE! I embrassed and my cheek was blushing. DARN!


We finally finished show this Sunday again. Since I dont have any schedule again, I want to go somewhere. Just to refreshing my tired body and mind.

Hemm.. what about myeongdong district? I’ve seen so many people with extremely fashion there. I can use it as a reference for me to dressed up, right?

Well, I drive my car to myeongdong district. And I walked all alone through a road. I use a black fedora, white scarf and white simple shirt. Ah and dont forget I put a mask that cover my half face and a big sunglasses.

I enter all factory outlet and shop one by one. I buy many things for me and all members. Its fun, y’know?

And, as I already tired, I walk to my car but one shop impressed me. It’s a shop that sell many accesories. Some are eccentric, but some are unique. I decided to enter it.

Well, I know the designer of all of these stuff must be very creative. It a have a nice taste of fashion, but doesnt left the speciality of the designer. I make my way closer to a bracelet. Hey! I think I’ve ever seen it. Where and who wear it? Suddenly a girl tap my back and I turn arroung to see who is it.

“Hey, that one is the special one. I make it just two.” She smiled to me.

“So.. are you the designer?” I asked her.

“Yes. I’m Kang Hye Bin. Nice to know you. As I already said, that bracelet you hold, I make it just two. The other one is in my friend. Know what? She stealed the other one.. but.. well, I dont mind because she’s my besties.” The designer just like.. outpouring what she felt to me?

“ahh.. whereas when I designed it, I think the boy and the girl use it will be a couple.” She said with sad expression.

“well, I.. I’ll buy it.” I forced a smile. I’m not in a condition to hear more and more about her life. After paid the bracelet, I leave the shop and go to the dorm


Today we held another meeting. Manager Kim told me to come at 8 a.m. So I go to jogging for a while and go to SM building by myself. My watch show that it’s already 8.15 a.m. But no one here. Yeah, I met Leeteuk Hyung and Yesung Hyung just now.. also Sooyoung. But I cant found my member and Manager Kim.

Suddenly, the door opened in a rush, Hyun Ki came.

“Anyeong… mianhae for get..” she stop saying any words when she see only me here. “where’s the other?” she asked with confussed expression.

“If I know where they are, I’ll go there and push all of them here.” I answered sarcastically and scratch my head.

“Ya~ Kibum-ssi, the bracelet you wear..” she looked at my bracelet I wear. Then she show me her right hand. The same bracelet she wear.

“Well, so.. you’re the friend of Kang Hye Bin that designed this bracelet and you steal the other one from her and I buy this one?” I asked and laugh by myself “Just ignored it.” I ended my sentence.

“But..did you know about the story behind this bracelet?” She asked me again. Curioused.

“Yeah, Kang Hye Bin told me that people who use this bracelet will become a couple. I’ve told you… just ignored it.” She want to say another words but after she heard my last sentence, she shut her mouth up.

An awkward moment come..

Well should I say the truth to her? Yes I should. I’m a man, right?

“Well, Hyun Ki-ssi. I actually cant ignored it.” I sighed for a while, but she shows me brighter face. “ since the first time we met, I already admiring all of your clothes you designed.” I stop talking for a while and see how’s her expression. Is she disappointed? “and slowly, it become an admiring to yourself, your cute eye and your personality, all things in you.” I finished my words.

“Jinjayoo?” she ask me? she shows me her grinned. I just nodded my hands. “KYAA! So do I! I admiring you since your debute and you’re the most member I loved. As you can see.. I make your costume more than everyone have.” She grinned. Wider.

Well, happy to me.. someone I admire, admiring me back. Yeah, wish it’s just a start. Maybe later, both of us doesnt just admiring each other. Maybe one day.. we could.. loving each other? As Kang Hye Bin said, she imagined to see people that wear this bracelet become a couple, right? Yeah I wish.  

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  1. hmm…. so sweet!! ><" omona~ i like it so much!! 😀 itu member yg laen pda kmn?? kasian key di tinggal ndiri yg penting dia bsa ngomong empat 4 mata ma tu yeoja!! 🙂


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